Claritas est etiam processus dynamicus, qui se mutationem consuetudium lectorum. Claritas e processus dynamicus, qui.

New Initiative, Same Mission

Social distancing won’t stop us from volunteering. Isolation shouldn’t mean feeling alone. Join our movement to be a good citizen, connect with others, and impact where you live!


New to Community Bucket? Check out our full history here.

Adapting Our Mission

Since 2012, we have been on a mission to connect local communities through interactive volunteer events. The latest COVID-19 social distancing measures have thrown all of us into uncharted territory. But, it has also given us the unique opportunity to adapt. So adapt we did! 


Discover how you can connect with others in your local corner of the world – or across the globe – in a way that respects our new normal. Perform small acts of kindness, join virtual rallies, and as always, have fun! 

I used to be afraid to volunteer by myself. Community Bucket provides the perfect social environment where people, like me, can enjoy attending service projects solo or with friends. I always know that no matter what I’m going to make some cool new friends along the way.

Grace L.

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