6 Highlights from Our 6th Birthday Bash

6th Birthday Raffle Winners

6 Highlights from Our 6th Birthday Bash

On August 25th, Community Bucket celebrated six years of service made social with an epic 6th Birthday Bash.

It was a definitely a celebration to remember, and it included all the elements that you have come to expect from a Bucket event: great volunteering, an incredible social, and of course a surprise or two (can you say cookie cake?).

Here are 6 key takeaways from the day’s activities.

1. After six years, Community Bucket’s impact is still going strong.

Having fun at Urban Sprouts

The day started off with a morning of solid volunteer work at six amazing Atlanta nonprofits: Urban Sprouts, Historic Westside Gardens, Aluma Farm, Decatur Senior Center, Park Pride, and Concrete Jungle.

Under a sunny Saturday morning sky, 88 volunteers logged a total of 225 service hours. That’s the equivalent of 5 ½ weeks of full-time labor for these organizations!

The numbers speak for themselves. Community Bucket continues to have a very real impact on the community, and is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

2. It’s official! We’re a 501(c)(3).

Decatur Senior Center

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the day was an announcement that Community Bucket has officially gained 501(c)(3) non-profit status.

This is incredibly exciting news as it opens the door to new sources of funding and future opportunities for the organization, such as expansion into new markets and some exciting new partnerships on the horizon.

3. Good times were shared at Georgia Beer Garden.

Georgia Beer Garden

No Community Bucket event would be complete without a post-volunteering social, and this day was no exception.

Held at the spacious Georgia Beer Garden, a crowd of hungry (and thirsty) volunteers enjoyed tasty barbeque and a great selection of local brews.

This was our first time hosting an event at this venue along Edgewood Avenue, and the team at GBG could not have been nicer and more welcoming. We’ll definitely be going back there for more parties soon!

4. A new partnership launches with King of Pops.

King of Pops

Social attendees also enjoyed a refreshing treat courtesy of Community Bucket’s newest partner, King of Pops.

Now, after volunteering for three CB events in a row, you’ll receive a free pop. It’s a pretty sweet deal, and the perfect way to cool down after a hot day of volunteering.

It will certainly come in handy next Spring and Summer, and we are thrilled to have one of Atlanta’s best known and most loved hometown brands supporting our work in the community.

5. Everyone loves a good raffle.

Raffle Prizes

The social concluded with a mega raffle that included donations from places like Aviate, Patagonia (Atl store), Ayoga Studio,  Dancing Dog Yoga, LuluLemon (ATL), Barry’s Boot Camp (Atlanta), Athena Nicole Photography, Lorikay Photography, Dad’s Garage , Nitro Paintball , and Walk this Way Atlanta Tours.

Some lucky volunteers walked away with a big smile on their face and a great prize in their hands. And we were reminded that no matter your age, a raffle still captures everyone’s attention surprisingly well!

6. Community Bucket continues to build community by fostering friendships.

Community Bucket friends

A community is only as strong as the individual bonds between its members. Looking around the Georgia Beer Garden patio, it was easy to see how successful Community Bucket is at creating those bonds.

First time volunteers mingled with seasoned veterans. Lifelong Atlanta residents met people who just move to town a few weeks ago.

Volunteering events like this create new relationships and strengthen existing ones, and our whole community ends up benefiting in the process.

After celebrating six years of doing good while having fun, Community Bucket is now looking towards the next six with a sense of excitement for what’s in store.

Make sure you’re a part of it by signing up for an upcoming event here.