We create experiences for you to connect with great people who also want to make a positive impact in the community. It’s way more than just volunteering….

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Have Questions? We have answers for you:

  • How do I sign up for an event?

    It’s simple. Browse our calendar of events, find one that suits your interests and fits with your schedule, and click to register. We send you all the information and take care of all the logistics, so all you have to do is show up and have a great time.

  • What does a typical event consist of?

    We always partner with a local nonprofit to host the group of volunteers. Our network of partners ranges from animal charities to homeless shelters to urban farming and neighborhood development efforts. Basically, there’s a cause for everyone. When you show up, you’ll work alongside fellow volunteers for a few hours. Afterwards, you can join the rest of the group at a designated bar, restaurant or brewery to hang out, socialize, and get to know more people. Certain events will offer multiple volunteer projects to choose from, and others will just focus on a single project.

  • What is the typical time commitment?

    Most of our events take place on the weekend, and we try to keep the projects to 2-3 hours in the morning (it usually varies based on the nonprofit). We offer events at least two weekends per month.

  • What happens if I sign up but need to cancel?

    Schedules change, things happen, and we know that. If you are registered for an event and can no longer attend, please give us at least 3 days notice so we can try to fill your spot. Our first priority is delivering on our promise to nonprofits, so we hope that you make every effort to sign up only when you can definitely attend.

  • I don’t know anyone who’s going. Will I still have a good time?

    Volunteering is one of the easiest ways to strike up a conversation with a stranger. In fact, a lot of our members volunteer because they want to come alone and meet new people. Our social events also help build a more natural, comfortable setting for getting to know people.

  • How do I get more involved?

    After you’ve joined for some events, the next step is joining the Host Team. You can submit an application here.

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