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Girl in Austin volunteering to clean up the Zilker Botanical Gardens
Days of Service on the books
Group of Austin volunteers celebrating their hard work
Volunteers mobilized


Like so many of you, this COVID-19 pandemic threw us for a loop initially. With careful planning and discussion with our community partners, we are excited to get together again and start volunteering! It will look a little different, and for the time being we will not host an after-serving gathering at a local restaurant or brewery. But don’t worry, we will find other ways to keep the social element alive and well. 


We recognize there are some inherent risks but we are doing our best to accommodate while still promoting active volunteerism. You know your situation better than anyone and we encourage you to join us or hold-off on in-person events based on your level of comfort.


We will gather in smaller groups than usual, and the safety of everyone will rely on each of you playing your part. Wear a mask, refrain from hugging or getting too close to anyone, stay home if you don’t feel well, and bring your own snacks and supplies… together, we can adjust and keep the mission of Service Made Social going!

Community Bucket Austin - Launched February 2019

Join an amazing group in Austin

Hello Austin! We’re thrilled to have launched our Austin community in February 2019. Austin was built for Community Bucket thanks to partnerships with local nonprofits like Keep Austin Beautiful. We’re just getting started and looking forward to having you join us at our next event!

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Austin Nonprofit partners

In each Community Bucket city, we love partnering with local nonprofits.
In Austin, we’re proud to have partnered with:

Community Bucket FAQ

It’s easy & fun. First we volunteer for a few hours as a group, then we socialize.
Community Bucket partners with local nonprofits to set up a variety of hands-on projects. Afterwards, we head to a nearby restaurant, bar or brewery to connect further and enjoy some good times after we volunteer.

Attending the social event is not required, but we do highly encourage you to make an effort to attend both parts of the event. Community Bucket is built around the idea of Service Made Social, which is why we celebrate our volunteer impact at a social after each time we volunteer.
It may seem odd at first to pay to volunteer, but you are paying for the all-around experience we provide. The cost of your ticket goes toward food and drink after we volunteer, as well as helping cover other expenses related to creating a great event for you. We’re a nonprofit with a lean budget, after all! Plus, we find that paying to register leads to a stronger turnout. We always want a full group showing up to give back and have fun, and this ensures we can best serve our nonprofit partners as expected.
Volunteer activities vary from outdoor events like park clean up to indoor sorting of medical supplies. By working with lots of nonprofit partners, we can offer you a variety of volunteer activities. And if the activity doesn’t suit you one month, check back with us next month. We’re always mixing it up to let our volunteers try something new.
Of course. We never want the price to deter you from joining our community, and volunteering alone is already a commitment we value. Just drop us a line and we’ll make sure you can get it on the next event.
Have another question we didn’t mention? No problem.
Email questions to

Austin Host Team

Austin Host Team captains welcoming the group of volunteers

Our Host Team is the backbone of our community. Team Captains ensure you enjoy yourself, stay safe, and put your efforts to good use at every event! To learn more about joining the host team,  click here to shoot us a quick email.

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