We’re making moves, and you can help build a better community!

We’ve Set Our Sights on Big Impact

Over the next three years, we aim to mobilize 20,000 volunteers across the U.S., marking a 4x growth from today. This will add more than $1 Million in capacity to our partner nonprofits. And it will touch the lives of thousands of people who can benefit personally, physically, socially and emotionally from Service Made Social. Help us reach our goals by donating today to become one of the inaugural Community Builders.

For seven years, we’ve sweat together, smiled together, and toughed it out in the cold rain and blistering heat, together. We’ve seen friendships form and last. We’ve seen sparks that lead to marriages. Together, we’ve poured our hearts and souls into giving back, meeting people, and having fun. 

Maybe you were part of building our mission from the ground up in Atlanta. Maybe you walked onto your first project in Austin, Denver, or New York this year. Or maybe, from near or far, you have seen the impact that volunteering can have when it’s done right. Whatever your experience has been, you are part of this journey. 

Now we are introducing our Community Builder program to help us create better experiences for you and sprout new communities across the U.S. It’s another way to get involved beyond showing up to serve and be social! 

We’ve set a goal of getting 200+ Community Builders to join before the end of the year.

All the funds we raise will go directly toward our programming budget for 2020. We will hire the staff needed to continue delivering great events in Atlanta and our expansion cities. After seven years of volunteer-led operations, we are excited to finally become more sustainable!

Your support today (of any $ amount) will lead directly to better experiences for more people in more places. And if you give at certain levels, we’ve included some extra benefits to show our love back to you. 

Thank you for being part of our community, for volunteering and supporting Community Bucket to bring us this far. The journey ahead continues. We are excited to build the community and get to work for you. 

With Gratitude,

Founder & Executive Director

President of the Board