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Virtual Trivia Night

Make Social Distancing Fun

We want to help provide more social options that are mindful of the social distancing practices in place, so we’re going to help your Crew host trivia nights. This will give us an opportunity to connect with our crews and communities in a fun way.

How It Works

Trivia Nights are a classic fan favorite. If your crew wants to get together for a couple rounds over drinks here’s how it’s worked for us.

We will send your Captain a set of awesome trivia questions. Each trivia night can consist of 6-8 categories with 8 questions per category, or what works best for you. If your crew wants to participate, set up a trivia night with whoever would like to join. Take pictures of your crew on your video call and share with us on social media @communitybucket.

Here’s a flow we’ve found works well:

  1. Have everyone dial into a Zoom meeting together. 
  2. Randomly pick teams of 2-4, or pick your own if you’d prefer.
  3. Have everyone mute their Zoom lines and call their other team members through Slack, a phone call, Hangouts, Houseparty, etc.
  4. For each category, read each question giving about 1 minute of time for the team to discuss and answer. (No Prizes, so No Cheating)
  5. At the end of each category, read the answers.
  6. Have the teams grade their own, then share their scores for that round.

Monthly Trivia Nights

We will release a new set of trivia questions once a month.
Your CB crew can decide when to do their own trivia night using those questions or make your own.

Fun Impact Idea

Non-profit of the week – donate as part of participating trivia


What video conferencing should I use?

Zoom seems to work well but choose whatever you want! We’d love to hear what arrangement is working best for you.

What if I want to come up with my own trivia questions?

No problem at all, you can run trivia more often or swap out categories. We’re suggesting that any crew that wants to participate in our monthly all CB trivia use the same questions but it’s more about coming together than. 

Do people need to bring their own team?

Not at all! By randomly assigning teams, it gives people a chance to meet new people.

What if people want to participate on their own?

If you have trivia buffs or just people that want a simpler experience, people can participate on their own. We’ve found that this may not work as well due to the diversity of knowledge you need, but it can still be just as fun.

What if multiple crews want to do trivia night together?

We definitely encourage this! Whether it’s within the same city or with crews from other cities, feel free to partner up.

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