Upcoming events

Meet new people in Atlanta

CB Atlanta: October Social at ASW Whiskey Exchange

Oct 24, 2019
Join us for a fun community social and behind the scenes tour of ASW Whiskey Exchange.
Impact areas: Community Development, Meet New People, Social Change

Volunteer with Community Bucket

CB Atlanta: Bikes and Brews: Free Bikes 4 Kids

Nov 02, 2019
Volunteer in Atlanta with us at Free Bikes 4 Kids. Gear up to help kids in need get bikes they deserve.
Impact areas: Children, Community Development, Community Impact, Healthcare, Youth

Volunteer in Denver with Community Bucket

CB Denver: November Park Cleanup & Community Social

Nov 09, 2019
Come join your friends for a fun-filled, active park cleanup with Denver Parks & Recreation
Impact areas: Community Development, Denver, Nature Conservation, Parks, volunteering