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Social Distance Volunteering


Vista Brewing Farm
13551 Ranch to Market Road 150, Driftwood, TX 78619
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Thank You For Volunteering

Thank you for choosing to join us as we return to a post-pandemic reality. Although we will be taking reasonable precautions to keep all volunteers safe, there is always some inherent risk in any in-person gathering. We will do our best to ensure a great experience for everyone, and to deliver on the promise of Service Made Social!


Jun 13 2020


9:00 am - 12:00 pm

CB ATX: Flourish at Vista Farm

Partner with Vista Brewing Farm to help with summer farming tasks to support their community giveback programs .

Our theme for June is FLOURISH. We have all been closed in for months, and it’s time to take to the outdoors with a healthy dose of intention to start rebuilding ourselves and our communities. Join us all month for opportunities to serve and support with this theme in mind.

We’re back to volunteering in person this month, with all the health and safety precautions necessary. On Saturday, June 13th, help our friends at Vista Farm with an opportunity to get outside, improve local gardens, meet fellow veggie lovers, and have a great time. It’s what our Service Made Social mission is all about.

Due to social distancing measures, we are limiting this project to 6 volunteers maximum, but will have a waitlist as well.

Here’s what to expect:

Let’s Serve Together (9:00 AM – 12:00 PM):

You’ll get to help with summer harvesting, washing, weeding, and mulching to support their community CSA at Vista Farms.

Because of the circumstances, we will not be gathering afterward for a social like we usually do. However, you should feel free to stick around and chat (from a body’s length away) with your fellow volunteers when we finish!

We handle all the planning and supplies. For you it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Donate to reserve your spot
  2. Stay tuned during the week of the event for an email with all the details about the day-of
  3. Show up alone, or invite friends to register. Either way, you’ll have a blast!

What does Socially Distant Volunteering look like? Here are 5 rules for ensuring a Covid-resistant service experience all Summer-long.

1. Stay Six Feet Apart: We love greeting you with handshakes and hugs, but we’ll be keeping an appropriate distance at all times. We will ensure volunteers remain separated with all our tasks, and during our welcome and wrap-up gatherings.

2. Cover Yo’ Face: Masks are required for every volunteer. No exceptions. Good news is, it helps protect you from the sun, too.

3. B.Y.O.-Supplies: As much as we want to share snacks, water and sunscreen, we ask that you pack your own and resist the friendly urge to share with others.

4. Germ-Free For All: We’ll provide hand sanitizer at every project, and we will sanitize all tools and supplies before and after each project. If you’re still nervous about germs, we’ll provide gloves for your convenience.

5. Common Sense is The Best Hope: Please do not show up if you experience any symptoms or know that you have been exposed within 2 weeks (in case we still need to remind you of that…) At the end of the day, your responsible actions will keep everyone else safe!

The Vista Brewery – Farming Model:

The Vista Farm is restoring part of their pasture, grazed over the past 50 years, to sustainable farmland once again. They are planting a fruit orchard, annual & perennial vegetables plots, herbs and berry patches to supply their restaurant and unique beer recipes. 16-hive apiary pollinates their fruit and wildflowers and supplies their plates and glasses with delicious honey. Before long, laying chickens will become a part of the system. A robust compost program completes the cycle – from farm to table, and from table back to farm.

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