What if you could host your own “CB Birthday Party”?

What if you could host your own “CB Birthday Party”?

I guess birthdays are in the air, since we’re gearing up to celebrate 7 years of Community Bucket this Saturday. It’s always an exciting time for us to celebrate with our community and mark another successful year on the books.

One thing we’ve noticed in the past year is how many people are holding Facebook fundraisers on their birthdays. It’s so awesome to see people using their “birthday power” (let’s face it, when it’s your birthday, people who like you like to do what you ask them) for good. Facebook has made it really easy to enable this type of communal giving, and I personally would take that over asking people for gifts.

So this has us thinking, what if instead of a birthday fundraiser, we could start a movement of hosting volunteering birthday parties? We’ve seen over the last 7 years how much fun people have when volunteering in the “Service Made Social” way.

Be honest, would you be more excited if a friend invited you for birthday drinks at a local restaurant, or to a CB Birthday party where you could plow garden beds together or challenge some seniors to a heated game of spades and bring smiles to their faces?

Make your next birthday celebration standout among your friends.

Our team knows a thing or two about putting together fun volunteer projects, and we want to offer this back to you, our dedicated supporters. You could tell us a cause area or type of project you’re most interested in, and then we’d schedule a project in your city. We’ll even send along cupcakes or cookie cake for afterward, because it’s not a birthday party without some sweets… And if you’d like, we can pick out a nearby bar or restaurant for you to hang out when you finish volunteering.

You and your friends can take part in a fun, different, and worthwhile activity, and you won’t be just another Facebook fundraiser appearing on someone’s news feed (that’s not a knock on Facebook fundraisers!).

What do you think, are we on to something with this idea?

To test it out, we want to introduce this as a special perk to anyone who joins our Community Builder program at the “All-in For CB” level with a $500+ donation. It takes some effort to coordinate, so we will keep it limited at first. But who knows, maybe it will catch on and we can offer it to more of you in the future!

Share your thoughts by emailing jesse@communitybucket.com, or visit our Community Builders page to contribute today… and start thinking about where you want your party to be!