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18 February 2016

Love Your City – Community Bucket + Park Pride

This month, our guest blogger, Nichole Wolf, wrote up a stellar recap on the Love Your City event! You can check out more of Nichole’s writing at

If you’re like me, you spent this past weekend celebrating Singles Awareness Day with a group of girlfriends (or possibly a very oversized, very snarky cat). Dancing with friends at a silent disco was much more fun (in my opinion) than sitting at a crowded restaurant for a cheesy V-Day date.

Despite a lack of a significant other this year, Valentines Day did get me thinking about love in some unexpected ways. Love doesn’t have to be about a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse – love can also exist for an idea, a cause that you’re passionate about, or even your city.

I’ve been volunteering with Community Bucket for a few months now – I’m so grateful for this organization that has allowed me to contribute to the future of the city of Atlanta, as well as make new friends in a place that is starting to feel more and more like home. When I heard about Love Your City, hosted by Community Bucket and Park Pride, I was excited to see a Valentine’s Day weekend event that focused on a different kind of love.

Love Your City gathered over 120 volunteers at DeKalb Memorial Park in southeast Atlanta for a day of park cleanup, invasive species removal, and beautification. Bucket partnered with Park Pride, a non-profit that works with groups all over the city to improve and maintain beloved neighborhood parks.

Even with freezing temperatures, volunteers showed up in droves to help clean up the park, make connections, and show love for their city. After the event, volunteers headed over to Tijuana Garage in Little 5 Points for a tasty taco bar lunch.

Get a peek at some of the fun from Love Your City:




Doing some jumping jacks to warm up before getting started!



Reasons why Community Bucketers love ATL – the “after party” at Tijuana Garage!


The event grabbed enough attention to warrant a spot on the local news – take a look at this article from Fox 5 about Love Your City (if you come to a future Bucket event, you could be on TV – not sure how you could pass that up.)

Community Bucket has some events coming up in late February – if you want to get involved, the time is now! On February 28th, Bucketers will be leading up brunch service at Cafe 458, a restaurant on Edgewood Ave that provides food to the homeless during the week. All proceeds from their Sunday brunch (open to the public) go directly to the Atlanta Center for Self Sufficiency to help rehabilitate the homeless. You can click here to sign up for a spot to volunteer!

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