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Volunteer Events


Like so many of you, this COVID-19 pandemic threw us for a loop initially. With careful planning and discussion with our community partners, we are excited to get together again and start volunteering! It will look a little different, and for the time being we will not host an after-serving gathering at a local restaurant or brewery. But don’t worry, we will find other ways to keep the social element alive and well. 


We will gather in smaller groups than usual, and the safety of everyone will rely on each of you playing your part. Wear a mask, refrain from hugging or getting too close to anyone, stay home if you don’t feel well, and bring your own snacks and supplies… together, we can adjust and keep the mission of Service Made Social going!




Join Us At Our Next Event

Community Bucket is built on a foundation of Service Made Social, so you can serve your community while having a great time getting to know neighbors and new friends. Make an impact and have fun doing it- that’s how you help us build community at Community Bucket. Join us at our next event!

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