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7 July 2021

We DIG Community | Episode 10 | Board Member Spotlight w/ Michelle Reape

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our first ever podcast - We Dig Community. Stay tuned for more episodes and please subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts!

We DIG Community tells the stories of the people and organizations behind our Service Made Social mission. In this episode we speak to Michelle Reape, who is a senior marketing professional and a member of our Board of Directors. 


Michelle is currently the Director of Marketing at Chadwick Martin Bailey. She is also the 2017 Technology of Georgia (TAG) Young Professionals, One In A Millennial Marketing and Social Media Leader award recipient. 


Michelle joined our board at the beginning of 2021, and she is currently focused on building out a comprehensive marketing and branding strategy for our organization. We talk to her about her reasons for joining the board originally, what drives her passion for community impact, and some of the pleasant surprises she’s had since diving into the CB world. 


Michelle is also currently looking for volunteers to join our marketing committee and help steer the CB brand into the future – if you might be interested, please get in touch with us to learn more! 


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