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11 May 2021

We DIG Community | Episode 4 | Launching in ATX w/ Ian Grossman

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our first ever podcast - We Dig Community. Stay tuned for more episodes and please subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts!

We DIG Community tells the stories of the people and organizations behind Community Bucket’s Service Made Social mission. In this episode, we speak with Ian Grossman, founder of our Austin community.


Ian is a former elementary school educator, a real estate agent, Jesse’s brother and the one who initiated our presence in Austin, TX. Ian was at our very first event in 2012 – he may have been dragged there by Jesse – but it planted a seed for him to be part of Community Bucket’s later evolution. We talk to Ian about his experience in starting a new community, we learn about his passion for the city of Austin, and we dig into his work as a real estate agent in the wildest housing market in the country. 


In this episode, we discuss…

  1. The early days of launching in Austin

  2. What his team was up to during Covid

  3. Ian’s forays into podcasting, TikTok influencing, Real Estate and more


Resources discussed in this episode:


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