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17 May 2021

We DIG Community | Episode 5 | Launching in DEN w/ Kat Jarvis & Kate Edell

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our first ever podcast - We Dig Community. Stay tuned for more episodes and please subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts!

We DIG Community tells the stories of the people and organizations behind Community Bucket’s Service Made Social mission. In this episode, we speak with Kat Jarvis and Kate Edell, two of our local leaders in Denver, CO. 

Kat was the first member of our Founding Team in 2018 and led our Host Team in 2019, followed by Kate who took over as Host Team Manager in 2020. Both of them are transplants to Denver (who isn’t?) who found Community Bucket early on in their tenure in the new city. We discuss what initially sparked their interest in the organization, what it’s been like to help grow this community from the early stages in Denver, and how they’ve each benefited on a personal level. Plus, we dive into what they’ve been up to through Covid and how Community Bucket Denver plans to gain momentum in the coming months. 


In this episode, we discuss…

  1. Getting Denver off the ground in 2019

  2. Finding love & friendships at CB events 

  3. Making an impact throughout the pandemic

Resources discussed in this episode:

How you can get involved: 

Check out our Events page for upcoming opportunities to serve in your community. 


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