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22 June 2021

We DIG Community | Episode 9 | Cultivating Community w/ Adrienne Sherwood

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our first ever podcast - We Dig Community. Stay tuned for more episodes and please subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts!

We DIG Community tells the stories of the people and organizations behind our Service Made Social mission. In this episode, we speak to Adrienne Sherwood, longtime friend of Community Bucket and one of our Atlanta sponsors. 


Adrienne is founder and lead agent at Cultivate Real Estate, where she helps people put down roots and become better neighbors through investing in their first home, and beyond. Adrienne has been involved in CB since the very first event, so she has seen the organization grow and evolve over the years. We are thrilled to have her company’s support for our work – their funding helps fuel greater impact and keep us sustainable, so we can keep the Bucket train running, and more importantly, thriving. 


You may have the choice of many real estate agents when exploring the home buying or selling process, but we hands down can say Adrienne is top notch. We choose our partners carefully, finding people who share our values and our love for giving back locally. Adrienne is right up there on the list, and she’d love to hear from you if you’re a fan of CB. 


We enjoyed our conversation with Adrienne and learning about how her passion for real estate emerged, and how she’s continued to build on that as she grows her business and cultivates stronger roots across the city.


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