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Weekly Service Challenge


1. We Share a Weekly Challenge
2. You Receive Ways to Help
3. You Choose How to Participate

We can accomplish more together when we focus on one cause at a time. So, each week we will post a community service challenge. Challenges are selected based on critical needs communities are currently facing. Everyone is open to join, so invite your friends, family, or your co-workers to join along. Weekly challenges are meant to complement your Crew projects and provide an idea for weeks when you might feel stuck.

This Week's Cause: Sending Encouragement

Learn how you can make an impact for this week’s cause. 


Choose how you want to participate in this week’s challenge.

Decide how you want to help each week while respecting your city’s COVID-19 guidelines.


We want to make it easy for you to encourage individuals who need a boost. This project can be completed from the comfort of your own home!


Help spread the word on More Love Letters and encourage friends and family to write along with you. 

Send Letters of Encouragement

COVID-19 has made it increasingly difficult for many people, especially those nominated to More Love Letters. 



More Love Letters is an organization that focuses on sending hand-written letters to encourage a small list of people each month. These people are nominated by their friends and family on the basis of needing support.


3 Steps to Complete the Challenge

Step 1. Review the Letter Requests
Step 2. Write your letter(s)
Step 3. Mail them to the addresses below each description.

Video Walkthrough

Here’s a step-by-step video of how you can send letters of encouragement through More Love Letters.

Need some cards?
If you’re not artsy like me, you can get 3 free cards from Hallmark to help make your letter special.


Join One or Lead One

Signing up for our Impact Where You Live initiative is the best option for you if you want to get involved on a deeper level. When you register, you become part of a Crew that connects with others through virtual rallies, participates in acts of kindness, and has fun in a way that respects your region’s COVID-19 regulations. However, we understand everyone’s situation is different. If you don’t have the capacity to formally sign up for a Crew, you can still participate in our weekly challenges on your own!


Donate to Community Bucket

Community Bucket was built on the idea that we can come together to connect through social volunteering. For years, we have fostered relationships between volunteers and our local partners; seeing an increased impact of nearly 3x. When you give to us, your dollar and volunteer power go farther. Help us continue supporting individuals who are dedicated to serving their communities as we all get through COVID-19 together. Our hyper-local approach means we already have long-term, trusted relationships with nonprofits in our chapter cities who are serving those most in need during this crisis.

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